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How long is the queue to view The Last Supper?

A painting cherished worldwide, The Last Supper draws an average 470,000 people annually. Yet, amidst its fame lies the dreaded wait time, stretching beyond an hour. Milan, notorious for its summertime humidity, adds an extra layer of challenge. But fear not! There are plenty of ways to see The Last Supper without waiting forever in line!

Know your queues for The Last Supper

Skip the Line tickets to The Last Supper

1. The queue for The Last Supper starts when ticket bookings open up. Tickets become available nearly four months beforehand, and they're snatched up swiftly. To secure a slot, you need to act fast and in advance when making your reservations.

2. After securing your tickets, you can head to the church at your designated time. Entry to the church is open to all and doesn't necessitate tickets.

3. If you face the church's front, you'll see the entrance on the right side. Inside, signs or staff will guide you to the ticket office to see The Last Supper. At the ticket counter, there are various groups: those picking up pre-booked tickets, others waiting to enter, and some hoping for last-minute tickets. By opting for skip-the-line tickets, you can save over an hour of waiting time.

Why should you skip the line to see The Last Supper?

Skip the Line tickets to The Last Supper
  • You can avoid long queues: Waiting in lengthy lines in the scorching sun isn't exactly how you'd envision enjoying your holiday. Opting to bypass the queue ensures a stress-free experience when viewing the painting.
  • It reduces waiting time: The Last Supper depicts one of the most crucial moments in Jesus’ life that is sacred in many ways to people. This draws large crowds at all times, making it time-consuming to enter the monastery. The skip-the-line tickets take care of it.
  • You have time for other attractions: With these tickets, you'll save plenty of time to discover other city gems like Castle Sforza and Milan's Duomo. No need to dedicate your entire day to one attraction!
  • You get an overall smoother experience: Visitors to the Santa Maria delle Grazie can catch a glimpse of The Last Supper for just 15 minutes, with entry permitted for groups of 25 at a time. Spending hours in line for a brief glimpse of a painting hardly seems worth it. Skipping the line guarantees a smoother experience all around.

Book Last Supper skip the line tickets

Guide to choosing the right Last Supper skip-the-line ticket option

What you get
Book tickets
Da Vinci's Last Supper Skip-the-Line Guided Tour

- Access to The Last Supper painting
- Skip-the-line entry
- Entry to The Last Supper Museum
- Guided tour of Santa Maria delle Grazie

1 hour
English, Italian, Spanish
Combo (Save 5%): Da Vinci's Last Supper Skip-the-Line Guided Tour + YesMilano City Pass: Attractions & Free Public Transport

- View Last Supper painting
- Entry to Last Supper Museum
- Skip-the-line entry to Santa Maria delle Grazie
- YesMilano City Pass: Free access to all Civic Museums and several other attractions, unlimited public transportation, discounts at select cafes & restaurants

English, Italian

How to bypass the long lines to see The Last Supper?

last supper skip the line tickets

1. Book skip the line tickets

Skip-the-line tickets are priority access tickets, and they let you bypass long queues and see The Last Supper faster. With these tickets, you not only get to view the painting with an expert guide, but also save time and enjoy more of your day exploring rather than waiting in line.

last supper skip the line tickets

2. Book tickets online and in advance

Tickets for The Last Supper are in high demand, available four months ahead. Plan your Milan trip and booking early to secure a viewing. And with tickets often selling out quickly, the prospect of securing one is slim, leaving many hopeful attendees waiting in long lines. You can easily avoid this by booking your tickets online.

last supper skip the line tickets
Skip the Line tickets to The Last Supper

4. Opt for city tours

Some city tours provide skip-the-line access to the attraction, and they come with the added benefit of exploring the best of the city on a budget. Combo deals like the Renaissance Treasures Guided Walking Tour of Milan let you explore Renaissance-era paintings, attractions like Sforza Castle and Sistine Chapel, and include skip the line access to The Last Supper. Save money and time with city tours.

Frequently asked questions about The Last Supper skip-the-line tickets

How much do Last Supper skip-the-line tickets cost?

Last Supper skip the line tickets begin at €39 and go up from there.

What is the cancellation policy for these tickets?

You can cancel these tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

How long is the skip-the-line guided tour?

The skip-the-line guided tour may last from 1 to 3 hours, depending on your ticket.

Why should I book Last Supper skip-the-line tickets?

With skip-the-line tickets, you can easily breeze past the queues and enjoy a guided tour that brings the artwork to life. Guided tours are available in both English and Spanish.

Do Last Supper skip-the-line tickets include a guided tour?

A. Yes, there are guided tours with skip-the-line ticket options for Last Supper. You can opt for them.

Can I skip the line if I book my Last Supper tickets online?

Yes, you can skip the line if you book your Last Supper Tickets online.

Is there a specific entrance for skip-the-line ticket holders?

There's no specific entrance, but you will receive an email with details about the exact meeting point and other details about your guided tour.